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IRS Revenue Officer involvement in your case is a very serious matter.  Revenue Officers are IRS field agents who are tasked with collecting outstanding debts and seeing that unfiled tax returns are promptly filed.  They are typically involved in higher-dollar cases and/or cases involving businesses that have failed to make payroll tax payments.

They can make in-person visits to your home or business, issue summonses to demand documents or testimony, and are empowered to garnish wages, lien properties, seize bank accounts, or levy accounts receivable to get your back tax debt addressed.  They can even take action to close down a business that is habitually non-compliant with federal tax law.

If you have a Revenue Officer sending you letters or knocking on your door, you likely need representation.  You need somebody that knows your rights, knows the law, and who can negotiate with the Revenue Officer on your behalf to get you the best available resolution to your case.

The Elrod Law Firm can help.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


An IRS audit examination is a serious matter, and requires attention and expertise.  If the IRS has initiated an audit examination against you, they intend to look into your tax returns in great detail.  Audits can be triggered by suspicious or questionable filings, or can be engaged by the IRS at random.

In either case, you likely need knowledgeable, experienced representation to walk you through this process, and to guide you to the best resolution available.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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