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Wage levies can be stressful, embarrassing, and often financially devastating depending on how long they last.  But, we can act quickly to help you get your IRS problem straightened out, and get your wage levy released with the best terms available to you under the law. 

​You need representation to help you through this stressful time, to show you the light at the end of the tunnel, and to get you through this as quickly and painlessly as possible.  We can help. Contact us today. 

Unlike a wage garnishment, which is ongoing until resolved or released, a bank levy is a one-time seizure rather than a continuous levy. If the IRS has frozen your bank account, you have 21-days from the date it was frozen to get the levy released before the IRS empties the account and puts the proceeds toward repaying your outstanding tax obligation.

An IRS bank seizure can be financially devastating.  It can upend family finances, or even disrupt a business’s payroll.  However, in many cases, a bank levy release can be negotiated.  Contact us today, and we will help get you back into compliance, and get you the best resolution available to you.


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